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News data:17.09.2021

The Italian Matteo Tanel wins Senior World Championship and achieves first ranking in World Cup
In Trentino also winning: Sömskar (SWE), Lisohor (UKR) and Mazi Jamnik (SLO)
No victories for Russians, Latvians and Norwegians
Today second day of Fiemme World Championship with Sprint: the story continues

There was no green table, yet a poker happened: Matteo Tanel (ITA) Linn Sömskar (SWE), Olexandr Lisohor (UKR) and Hana Mazi Jamnik (SLO) gold-painted their careers. There was no blue sky, but heavy rain over junior and cloudy sky over senior.
These are the FIS Roller Ski World Championships, lighting up Val di Fiemme (Trentino, ITALY), famous Italian home of Nordic skiing, until Sunday. Yesterday the Interval Start competition took place in Passo Lavazè (Trentino, Italy), along the fresh new roller ski track, fresh as yesterday wintery temperature.
The unexpected happened: the Russian Alexander Bolshunov, the awaited Olympic and World champion, had to run to the hospital for toothache. He feels fine now, but he needs to rest for a couple days. He will be back on Saturday and Sunday, Tanel permitting. Indeed, he looks forward to repeating his victory at Cermis, quietly aiming to the World Cup. Yesterday, the Team Robinson’s athlete jumped to the first rank of the World Cup, because the Latvian Raimo Vigants finished as 12th. Tanel is leading with an advantage of 39 points.
Race was not easy for him though: the Norwegian Korsäth started unusually strong, along with the Russian Spitsov, who started a few minutes later, therefore with a less lap. Tanel, always on his own, proceeded regularly, speeding up towards the end and ending in 34’32’’. No podium for the Russians Terentev, Chervotkin and Dementiev. Bookmakers bet on the Russians, but a 4-nations poker happened: Italy, Sweden, Ukraine and Slovenia.
Natalia Nepryaeva had booked a gold, yet an unbelievable track mistake got her out of the games and she had to stay behind the Swedish Linn Sömskar; the other Russian Mariya Istomina got also on podium. Surprise among junior women: the Slovenian Hana Mazi Jamnik and Klara Mali followed Astakhova’s (RUS) steps, started with number 1. Mazi got the gold and Mali was bronze. Latvians found difficulties also among men. Oleksandr Lisohor questioned Lauris Kaparkalejs’ leadership and won, followed by Aksel Artusi (ITA) and Nikita Smirnov (RUS).
Today Sprint in Ziano di Fiemme, starting at 5 p.m.

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Senior Men Interval Start FT 16 km
1 Tanel Matteo ITA 34.32.5; 2 Korsaeth Amund NOR 34.38.7; 3 Spitsov Denis RUS 34.42.6; 4 Terentev Alexander RUS 34.57.0; 5 Chervotkin Alexey RUS 35.02.6

Senior Women Interval Start FT 10 km
1 Soemskar Linn SWE 23.05.0; 2 Nepryaeva Natalia RUS 23.15.5; 3 Istomina Mariya RUS 23.28.2; 4 Schuetzova Sandra CZE 24.09.4; 5 Antsybor Maryna UKR 24.12.5

Junior Men Interval Start FT 13 km
1 Lisohor Oleksandr UKR 29.32.2; 2 Artusi Aksel 29.44.5; 3 Smirnov Nikita RUS 30.17.8; 4 Grahn Anton SWE 30.18.2; 5 Berg Ludvig SW 30.29.8

Junior Women Interval Start FT 10 km
1 Mazi Jamnik Hana SLO 24.43.4; 2 Astakhova Yuliya RUS 25.14.9; 3 Mali Klara SLO 25.15.9; 4 Cola Francesca ITA 25.57.6; 5 Gismondi Maria ITA 25.59.4


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