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Cermis moves World Championship rankings
Two gold for Russia, one for Italy and Sweden. Italy is “Best Nation”
Tanel takes it all after his gold: bronze and World Cup
Positive reports for Val di Fiemme committee, next stop: Tour de Ski

Starting and ending under the rain, with a chance of sun: today was the last day of Fiemme FIS Roller Ski World Championships with Mass Start CT 15 km. The hardest day, not only because of the weather, but also due to the final ascent to the Cermis.
Junior men started the last competitions’ day: after the ups and downs in Ziano, the Swedish Matte Jutterdal was leading but then as the ascent was beginning Elia Barb (ITA) accelerated and got a first place. Silver to another Italian, Aksel Artusi, and bronze for Lipkin (RUS).
This race also assigned the last points for the World Cup, won by Karparkalejs (LAT).
Among junior women, Russia gets another gold with the super-fast Yuliya Astakhova (51’7’’). The Slovenian Hana Mazi Jamnik gets again on the podium, followed by Mira Goeransson (SWE). Samanta Krampe (LAT) knew what she needed to do just to get home the World Cup.
Among senior adrenaline was even more. Women started strong from the beginning, Nepryaeva setting the pace. She finds a challenging counterpart in Soemskar (SWE). The Russian has some difficulties and the Sweden takes advantage until her final victory. Istomina (RUS) gets the bronze medal.
Among senior men, another great race took place. No Bolshunov (again, for toothache), but Russians are ready to conquer Cermis. Chervotkin is the most active; Terentev is dangerous as “karakurt”. Italians are all around Matteo Tanel, strong of his World Cup shirt and careful about Vigants (LAT), second in the World Cup ranking. Not only Russia: Paul Costantin Pepene (ROU) is following close. He even leads for some time, but there is no story: the Russian Chervotkin flies for the last 500 meters and gets his gold. Matteo Tanel (ITA) is bronze and his smile says it all: his second World Cup is here.
Italy also celebrates as best nation, CT Michel Rainer cannot but be happy.
Skiroll now can rest, another date to save in October when Italian Championship and Italian Cup will take place in Trento and Monte Bondone.
Positive report for Fiemme committee, giving us an appointment for January with the cross-country skiing World Cup and the Nordic Combined World Cup.

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Senior Men 15km C Mst
1 Chervotkin Alexey RUS 45.28.5; 2 Pepene Paul Constantin ROU 45.32.5; 3 Tanel Matteo ITA 47.01.7; 4 Dellagiacoma Tommaso ITA 47.11.0; 5 Dementiev Eugeniy RUS 47.15.0
8 Galassi Michael 47.54.7; 10 Curti Luca 48.26.4

Senior Women 13km C Mst
1 Soemskar Linn SWE 46.21.4; 2 Nepryaeva Natalia RUS 46.40.3; 3 Istomina Mariya RUS 46.40.7; 4 Schuetzova Sandra CZE 48.06.0; 5 Kirpichenko Yana RUS 49.11.7
7 Sordello Elisa 49.57.1; 9 Defrancesco Ilenia 51.57.5

Junior Men 13km C Mst
1 Barp Elia ITA 42.25.9; 2 Artusi Aksel ITA 43.20.5; 3 Lipkin Maxim RUS 43.34.1; 4 Lisohor Oleksandr UKR 43.50.4; 5 Aksiuta Volodymyr UKR 44.00.6
8 Gaugenzio Marco 44.46.5; 9 Zorzi Andrea 45.24.5

Junior Women 13km C Mst
1 Astakhova Yuliya RUS 51.07.4; 2 Mazi Jamnik Hana SLO 51.43.6; 3 Goeransson Mira SWE 51.45.1; 4 Shorokhova Kseniya RUS 52.05.7; 5 Kozlenko Polina RUS 52.39.4
7 Gismondi Maria 53.36.4; 9 Mortagna Laura 57.06.6; 12 Borettaz Sabrina 1.02.16

1 TANEL Matteo ITA p.646; 2 VIGANTS Raimo LAT 600; 3 BECCHIS Emanuele ITA 506; 4 SILFVER Erik SWE 386; 5 KRISTOFFERSEN Patrick Fossum NOR 365

1 SCHUETZOVA Sandra CZE 775; 2 PROCHAZKOVA Alena SVK 698; 3 SOEMSKAR Linn SWE 580; 4 NEPRYAEVA Natalia RUS 440; 4 LOCKNER Jackline SWE 440; 6 SORDELLO Elisa ITA 404

1 KAPARKALEJS Lauris LAT 703; 2 LIPKIN Maxim RUS 469; 3 MUNARI Riccardo ITA 442; 4 ARTUSI Aksel ITA 429; 5 MAKAROV Pavel RUS 421

1 KRAMPE Samanta LAT 683; 2 MORTAGNA Laura ITA 622; 3 KAZAKOVA Alexandra RUS 588; 4 BORETTAZ Sabrina ITA 347; 5 GRYAZNOVA Ekaterina RUS 272

Open-Master Men
1 Mauro Brigadoi ITA 44'42.0; 2 Thomas Gifstad NOR 44'47.5; 3 Christian Lorenzi ITA 45'12.5; 4 Stefano Carli ITA 45'25.0; 5 Giacomo Gabrielli ITA 45'47.9

Open-Master Women
1 Frida Erkers SWE 49'51.0; 2 Svetlana Nikolaeva RUS 50'18.7; 3 Ekaterina Griaznova

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