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News data:08.09.2023

The Latvian Vigants sprinting ahead of the two Italians in the Mass Start
Tanel and Dellagiacoma still at the top of the World Cup
Sweden's Sömskar wins over the Italians Monsorno and Boccardi
Among the junior triumphs of Artusi and Gismondi. Tomorrow the Sprint

Ziano di Fiemme (IT), in the past the scene of the World Championships, is skiroll’s capital in the first day of the World Cup final.
On a beautiful sunny day, Italians athletes on the shields, even though there were no victories in the senior categories, in the junior ones Italy was the master. In the Mass Start 15 Km, the Latvian Raimo Vigants sprinted ahead of Matteo Tanel and Tommaso Dellagiacoma at the end of a race in which the group was compact until the halfway point. In the fourth of the six laps, the first selection occurred and saw Jacopo Giardina and Riccardo Masiero break away, and it became clear that the three outriders would have been decided in the final sprint. The more “equipped” Vigants did not have many difficulties in beating the two Italian rivals, who are competing the overall title (waiting the last two races of tomorrow and the day after tomorrow, the current gap between the two is 13 points in favour of Tanel).
In the women's field, the eve's favourite, Sweden's Linn Soemskar, lived up to expectations by further increasing her overall lead over her compatriot Lockner. Starting in front, the Scandinavian held a strong pace to which almost all of them gradually failed to respond. In the last of the four laps of the course, Stefania Corradini, who had taken the lead, threw it all away with a fall that ousted her from the podium, which was taken by Nicole Monsorno from Val di Fiemme and Maria Eugenia Boccardi. Only tenth was Elisa Sordello, the best Italian in the general classification.
Previously the competitions for the junior categories in a 10 km route took place. Among the women, the police officer Maria Gismondi won at the end of a flawless race in which she was the protagonist from the start. At the finish line, Gismondi overtook Anna Maria Ghiddi, now very close to the overall junior title, while Ukraine's Ivanchenko completed the podium.
In the men’s field success for Aksel Artusi who won a very tactic race with a compact group until the penultimate lap. In the last round at Artusi’s attack responded the Swedish Lindberg and Marco Gaudenzio, who however could not do anything about the final sprint of Artusi.
Tomorrow afternoon, starting at 4 p.m., the second day is scheduled in Ziano di Fiemme with the "Individual Sprint", while on Sunday the grand finale in the "Mass Start Uphill" on Cermis that will determine the winners of the 2023 World Cup. Great work by the Fiemme Ski World Cup Committee with three busy days in view of the Tour de Ski in January.

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Mass Start – Senior Men
1 VIGANTS Raimo LAT 28'06.6; 2 TANEL Matteo ITA 28'07.2; 3 DELLAGIACOMA Tommaso ITA 28'08.3; 4 VALERIO Michele ITA 28'34.0; 5 FROMMELT Robin LIE 28'34.4; 6 BAESSLER Severin SUI 28'34.9; 7 LORENZETTI Giovanni ITA 28'35.9; 8 BERGSLAND Andreas NOR 28'37.7; 9 MUNARI Riccardo ITA 28'38.7; 10 BAESSLER Mario SUI 28'40.3

Mass Start - Senior Women
1 SOEMSKAR Linn SWE 20'32.1; 2 MONSORNO Nicole ITA 20'34.5; 3 BOCCARDI Maria Eugenia ITA 20'39.7; 4 WERRO Giuliana SUI 20'40.5; 5 AUZINA Kitija LAT 20'51.8; 6 CORRADINI Stefania ITA 21'03.5; 7 LOCKNER Jackline SWE 21'04.2; 8 RIEDENER Nina LIE 21'39.5; 9 MELNIK Anna KAZ 22'01.7; 10 SORDELLO Elisa ITA 22'17.1

Mass Start - Junior Men
1 ARTUSI Aksel ITA 19'03.4; 2 LINDBERG Jonatan SWE 19'04.1; 3 GAUDENZIO Marco ITA 19'07.4; 4 BAZARBEKOV Sultan KAZ 19'08.0; 5 SVAUKSTS Silvestrs LAT 19'09.0; 6 KALIBEKOV Dastan KAZ 19'10.1; 7 DURRER Silvan SUI 19'10.3; 8 RIGAUDO Gabriele ITA 19'10.8; 9 TOZZI Tommaso ITA 19'11.2; 10 ZAVYALOV Artyom KAZ 19'11.6

Mass Start – Junior Women
1 GISMONDI Maria ITA 21'32.5; 2 GHIDDI Anna Maria ITA 22'07.6; 3 IVANCHENKO Anastasiia UKR 22'21.3; 4 SHKATULA Sofiia UKR 22'26.6; 5 GERACHSHENKO Mariya KAZ 22'33.0; 6 SUMINSKA Adriana LAT 23'02.8; 7 TOLMACHYOVA Yelizaveta KAZ 23'09.2; 8 GRAHN Matilda SWE 23'09.9; 9 KAPARKALEJA Linda LAT 23'50.6; 10 MORANDINI Anna ITA 23'54.5


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