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Skiroll spectacular with the Uphill on the Cermis that closes the World Cup
On the Cermis Kovalyov precedes the two Italians, the Cup goes to Dellagiacoma
Gismondi (junior) flies and beats the champion Sömskar (senior)
Junior: title to Bazarbekov (KAZ), Ghiddi today 4th but with the Cup in her pocket

There could not have been a better way to celebrate the 27th birthday of two days ago. Tommaso Dellagiacoma from Predazzo, with the second place conquered behind the Kazakh Vladislav Kovalyov, today in Val di Fiemme won the 2023 Skiroll World Cup preceding on the podium and in the overall ranking Matteo Tanel, who before the race chased him by three points. The Mass Start Uphill from Ziano to the Cermis, which closed the three days event in Val di Fiemme, lived up to the great expectation of the eve. Tactical race until the final ascent that saw the winning sprint of Kovalyov, who reached the finish line with his arms raised. Behind him, Dellagiacoma managed the situation calmly, and then sprinted at 500 meters, leaving his friend-rival behind and thus taking second place, but above all the World Cup. This is a 'handover' after Tanel's success in 2021, pending what may happen next season.
Among women the Swedish champion Linn Soemskar led the way for almost all the race’s 13 km, but in the end did not resist at the convincing Maria Gismondi’s attack right on the final climb. The police officer, junior, raced today in the superior category to make points and hit an important target, she trimmed 26”8 off the Swedish not so satisfied from the Sprint World Cup and the overall. Third place for Maria Eugenia Boccardi who behaved brilliantly in this experience in Val di Fiemme, in front of a large audience and in a splendid summer day.
In the junior category, the Swedish Matilda Grahn won over the Kazakh Tolmachyova and Vanessa Cagnati, while Anna Maria Ghiddi, titled in advance, arrived at the feet of the podium.
Lastly, among the junior men Italian triumph with Gabriele Rigaudo who in the sprint prevailed over Carlo Cantaloni and the Kazakh Dastan Kalibekov. Fourth place for the compatriot Sultan Bazarbekov for whom was sufficient this placement to win the category World Cup.
Fiemme’s stage closed 2023 and the team final ranking rewards Kazakhstan, second place to Italy that preceded Latvia, Sweden and Ukraine.
There was also an open race, men’s victory of Emanuele Busin over Stefano Mich. In the women’s category, the Swiss Nicole Donzallaz came first over teammate Anna Giordan.
Now the appointment is to 2024 for a beautiful sport that deserves to be expanded and involve more than the seventeen nations present in Trentino. The Fiemme World Cup committee chaired by Bruno Felicetti is once again closing the season on a high note, now the objectives are all turned towards the Tour de Ski, with the Olympics on the horizon.

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Uphill - Senior Men
1 KOVALYOV Vladislav KAZ 47'57.2; 2 DELLAGIACOMA Tommaso ITA 48'05.3; 3 TANEL Matteo ITA 48'05.7; 4 VIGANTS Raimo LAT 48'16.6; 5 LORENZETTI Giovanni ITA 48'34.6; 6 BERGSLAND Andreas NOR 48'44.9; 7 KARLSSON Simon SWE 49'06.7; 8 MASIERO Riccardo Lorenzo ITA 49'27.5; 9 MUNARI Riccardo ITA 49'44.7; 10 DALLA VIA Alberto ITA 49'53.9

Uphill – Senior Women
1 GISMONDI Maria ITA 48'28.6; 2 SOEMSKAR Linn SWE 48'55.4; 3 BOCCARDI Maria Eugenia 49'30.2; 4 OLEKH Viktoriia UKR 50'50.7; 5 WERRO Giuliana SUI 50'53.3; 6 AUZINA Kitija LAT 51'24.9; 7 CORRADINI Stefania ITA 51'43.9; 8 MELNIK Anna KAZ 51'53.5; 9 RIEDENER Nina LIE 53'28.1; 10 NITTEBERG Victoria NOR 54'54.0

Uphill - Junior Men
1 RIGAUDO Gabriele ITA 43'08.2; 2 CANTALONI Carlo ITA 43'09.0; 3 KALIBEKOV Dastan KAZ 43'09.4; 4 BAZARBEKOV Sultan KAZ 43'09.5; 5 LINDBERG Jonatan SWE 43'53.0; 6 EPIS Stefano ITA 45'05.4; 7 ZAVYALOV Artyom KAZ 45'31.9; 8 ARTUSI Aksel ITA 45'40.6; 9 GAUDENZIO Marco ITA 45'51.6; 10 ADAMOV Simon SVK 46'02.7

Uphill - Junior Women
1 GRAHN Matilda SWE 53'10.2; 2 TOLMACHYOVA Yelizaveta KAZ 53'33.5; 3 CAGNATI Vanessa ITA 53'33.7; 4 GHIDDI Anna Maria ITA 54'29.7; 5 IVANCHENKO Anastasiia UKR 54'42.9; 6 GERACHSHENKO Mariya KAZ 55'18.6; 7 SHKATULA Sofiia UKR 55'47.7; 8 SEGAFREDO Elisa ITA 58'48.0; 9 PALL Boglarka ROU 59'32.8; 10 KAPARKALEJA Linda LAT 59'39.4

World Cup Overall – Senior Men
1 DELLAGIACOMA Tommaso ITA pt. 741; 2 TANEL Matteo ITA 738; 3 BECCHIS Emanuele ITA 687; 4 VALERIO Michele ITA 681; 5 KOVALYOV Artyom KAZ 573

World Cup Overall – Senior Women
1 SOEMSKAR Linn SWE pt. 1029; 2 LOCKNER Jackline SWE 884; 3 MELNIK Anna KAZ 709; 4 NITTEBERG Victoria NOR 702; 5 SORDELLO Elisa ITA 656

World Cup Sprint – Senior Men
1 BECCHIS Emanuele ITA pt. 450

World Cup Sprint – Senior Women
1 1 SOEMSKAR Linn SWE pt. 434


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